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Why Your Business Should Accept Online Payments

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So much commerce is carried out online these days that even traditional businesses that don't have web stores or e-commerce platforms can benefit from the addition of online payment pages on their website. For example, if your enterprise works on a business-to-business model, then you could automate email reminders for invoice payments to your customers with a direct link to a page on your website where payments can be made. Not only will this mean faster payments are likely to be secured but your business can make savings compared to running a traditional credit control department. What are the other benefits of online payment pages? Read on to find out.

Low Upfront Costs

Setting up an online method of payment regardless of your business model won't break the bank. This is because many standardised online payment page solutions can be easily adapted to particular business needs without starting from scratch. Adding your business logo and your banking details to the page can be done without a great deal of outlay, allowing your firm to start taking payments from consumers and business customers within days of setting up the system.

Increase Your Payment Options

Perhaps your cash flow isn't as good as it could be because your customers tend to put off paying you because of the limited number of payment options you currently have. Maybe some of your clients even still like to pay by cheque, a very slow method compared to all of the electronic transaction options there are today. With an online payment system on your website, you can increase the number of payment options available to your clients at a click. Not only does this make paying you more convenient for them but it should mean securing more customers, too, especially if your competitors don't have as many ways to pay as you do.

Shopping and Payment Integration

The best online payment pages will integrate seamlessly with online shopping carts. If your website has an e-commerce platform already, then you won't want your customers to get into the habit of filling up their virtual carts only to fail to make a transaction when they get to the stage of confirming their order. Instead, they should flow seamlessly to a secure payment page that manages the entire transaction and confirms their order. Don't make your customers head off to a third-party payment system which will mean they might think again about buying from you. Integrate the process and generate more sales from satisfied customers. 

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